How to Set Up a Trustline?


Download the XUMM app here.


Click here to go to our TrustSet transaction and click CONFIRM.


Scan the QR code in your XUMM app.


Sign the transaction (costs 0.000012 XRP).

How to buy Cheetah on the DEX Trade xApp in the XUMM wallet app:

  1. Open XUMM wallet app (
  2. Click bottom center “x ✅” icon
  3. Search for “DEX Trade” xApp
  4. Click trading pair XRP/USD
  5. Under Quote, search and select Cheetah
  6. Click the switch pair icon

How to buy Cheetah via XRPtoolkit using a mobile browser and XUMM wallet (

  1. Visit (
  2. Tap the three lines in the top left corner
  3. Tap “Connect Wallet”
  4. Under “Select wallet type” tap “Xumm App”
  5. Tap the blue button that says “Open XUMM”
  6. Slide to accept that you want to add it and tap the “Close” button after it completes
  7. Click the “Trade” option
  8. On the top of the screen, tap “XRP-USD” (this is the trading pair)
  9. Tap “Switch”
  10. Change the Base to Cheetah
  11. For “Market” orders enter the amount of Cheetah you wish to purchase, then Click “Place buy order.” You’re done.
  12. Or for “Limit” orders, click the middle of the screen “Limit”
  13. Under “Amount” type the amount of Cheetah you wish to purchase
  14. Under “Price” type in the XRP price per unit.
  15. Click “Place buy order”

How to buy Cheetah on Swft Blockchain :

  1. Go to (
  2. Connect to XUMM wallet
  3. Select coin to swap with
  4. Select Cheetah under receive
  5. Enter the receiving address
  6. Click Swap

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