Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Cheetah Coin?

    Cheetah is both a cryptocurrency and a utility coin. It is used for fast, fun, social payments and businesses can use it to market to their customers with Cheetah Deals and Cheetah Fastpass.

  • What is the ticker symbol for Cheetah?

    The ticker symbol is Cheetah.

  • What is Cheetah’s token or currency code?


  • What blockchain is Cheetah on?

    Cheetah is on the XRP Ledger.

  • What is the XRP ledger?

    The XRP ledger is a system that can transfer digital assets like XRP and Cheetah in 4 seconds with a very low transaction fee (~$0.000012).

  • What is XRP?

    XRP is a decentralised digital asset.

  • How many Cheetah coins are made?

    There are 100 Billion Cheetah coins.

  • Is there a maximum supply of Cheetah?

    The maximum supply of Cheetah is 100 billion. More Cheetah can not be made because the issuer/genesis account is blackholed.

  • What is the Cheetah app?

    The Cheetah app will allow users to connect to wallets like the XUMM wallet to sign transactions. Features include Cheetah Deals, Cheetah Fastpass, Cheetah Pack, Cheetah Chat and Cheetah NFTs.

  • When will the Cheetah app release?

    The Cheetah app is estimated to be released in Q3 2022.

  • Is there a whitepaper for the Cheetah?


  • What are Cheetah Deals?

    Cheetah Deals are discounts and coupons businesses can offer to Cheetah users.

  • What are Cheetah Fastpasses?

    Cheetah Fastpasses are ways businesses can expedite payment using Cheetah or Cheetah users can avoid long queues/lines.